I'm based in South Florida but travel with frequency.
Make sure when you contact me to add Country/City in the subject line of your email.
I appreciate if you book in advance, I got a busy schedule.

State City Country Date Begins Date Ends
West Coast:    
East Coast:    
Tampa 11-09-2017 11-13-2017
Washington DC 12-10-2017 12-11-2017
Philadelphia 12-12-2017 12-13-2017
New York 12-14-2017 12-16-2017
**Hartford 12-17-2017 12-17-2017
**Boston 12-18-2017 12-19-2017

**Travel to Hartford and Boston depending on interest Book in advance


In due of large amount of noshows and cancellations during my last tour I no longer booking without deposit or references.

*Please Note: Travel dates are subject to changes, so please contact me directly at:

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