* On Tour: When I traveling most of the Hotels offer checkin at 3pm, the date I arriving I only available after 4pm.
* Hygiene: I'm a extremely clean person, I expect a well-scrubbed body (particularly in those hard-to-reach areas), fresh-smelling breath, and clean hair. Any less shows a lack of common courtesy. It is entirely acceptable to freshen up before, and/or after our appointment as part of your scheduled time, and I always have shower facilities available.
* Physical State: Make sure to eat something a couple of hours before you come in, and drink plenty of fluids. Low blood sugar and dehydration can interfere with our time together. You must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, illness, or in any adverse emotional state. Playing under these conditions is inappropriate and unsafe.
* Attire: Arrive dressed and accessorized as if you were attending an appointment or lunch meeting. Any items, or clothes that you decide to bring should be wrapped or carried as discreetly as possible.
* Remember, discretion is key to maintaining everyone's privacy and safety!


* Punctuality: Your punctuality protects our mutual discretion and even more importantly, contributes to a good rapport. If there is some kind of problem, a phone call, text or email l can save you from falling out of favor.
* Confirmation: When making your final confirmation, listen carefully to my instructions and follow them exactly. Never loiter in front of my home or my Hotel.
* If you are early, can always find shops or cafes nearby.
* Negotiation: Until I know you very well, I usually take a few minutes at the beginning of our session to check in and negotiate. It is crucial that you inform me of any physical conditions you may have (heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, back/neck/knee problems, etc.) before our appointment.


* Cancellations are always disappointing, but accepted with at least 24 hours advance notice or in the case of legitimate emergencies. Not calling to confirm is NOT a substitute for a cancellation call and demonstrates a lack of courtesy. Not showing up is unacceptable, and full compensation is required to get you back in my good graces.
* I reserve the right to cancel a session at any time if privacy, safety, or health may be compromised, and I expect you to be polite and cooperative if I choose to exercise this right.

I do not engage in:

* brown showers
* trades or bartering
* any act of battery or prostitution
* activities that risk communicable disease or bodily harm.

All Photos and Content are NOT to be reproduced or distributed without express permission.