I am a professional player, overwhelmingly dominant, exotic, addictive, seductive, stylish and sophisticated. A Master of beauty and power! I love to tease and control men with My Mind & Hard body.

My power and magnetism over people started at a very young age. It didn’t take me long to realize the control and effect I had on them.

I never needed to read books or take any kind of classes to learn how to be a Mistress. It came naturally as part of my personality. This power and dominance I was born with enabled me to become the Ultimate Goddess I am and will always be.

With my finely honed intuitive sense and my self-taught skills I can read you so easily. I am able to find your most secret thoughts and weaknesses in order to fulfill your most secret fantasies…

I possess a striking presence that is both sultry and powerful. Confident, nurturing, playful, persuasive, sadistic, sexy, versatile, wicked and wise as I am, it’s impossible for anybody to not surrender or submit to me.

I am a confident woman. I enjoy being myself and sharing my power. But don’t forget, once you enter into My world and are subjected to My rules, there is no coming back… It’s fruitless and hopeless to ever try to break free from My power.

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